Custom Culinary - Be true to the food

Our commitment to culinary solutions shines in our membership and sponsorship of international foodservice organizations. Through these strong partnerships, we're able to connect with industry chefs, remain relevant to current and upcoming food trends, stay in touch with a global culinary network, and train and mentor the next generation of chefs to encourage a continued tradition of authenticity.


We are proud to be the global sponsor of busy chefs around the world with our commitment to the Train-the-Trainer program and the Hans Bueschkens Young Chef Challenge

Through our support of the Train-the-Trainer program, culinarians in teaching positions, schools and education programs in WACS member countries received support to offer a better quality education. The program brings together volunteer WACS expert chefs to teach and share their knowledge about cooking, baking and global cuisine to other teachers and trainers from all parts of the world who can then hand down the knowledge in their own countries. 


In addition, Custom Culinary, Inc is the global sponsor of the Hans Bueschken Young Chef Challenge at the WACS Congress. Each WACS member country is allowed to send one representative to compete in the Young Chefs Challenge. 

The competition is dedicated to Chef Hans Bueschkens, former president of WACS. During his presidency, Chef Bueschkens declared that one of his primary goals was to create programs aimed to interest the youths by recruiting junior chefs into WACS activities. 

In addition to the overall global sponsorship of the competition, Custom Culinary, Inc. sponsors the American student competitor. The American student is chosen from the ACF Student Chef of the Year Competitions.



Custom Culinary, Inc. is proud of our long history of supporting the education of chefs. Currently an ACF Diamond Sponsor, indicating ACF's highest level of support, Custom Culinary, Inc. sponsors the ACF Student Chef of the Year Award.

Each year, we sponsor the four regional winners to go to the national convention with one of them being named ACF Student Chef of the Year. The winner of this competition has the opportunity to compete in the WACS Young Chef Competition.